Sault Ste Marie to North Bay Ontario August 12,2014

A break in the clouds as we set off for our "Sunset Cruise"

A break in the clouds as we set off for our “Sunset Cruise”

Our morning got off to a good start with Grandma Judy in the Comfort Inn breakfast room. Once again she regaled the guests with her good humor and jokes.

Grandma Judy - Comfort Inn North Bay Ontario

Grandma Judy – Comfort Inn North Bay Ontario

She gets the guests talking to one another and really sets the tone for your day. We met a couple returning to Fairview Alberta from their original home of Newfoundland.  When they heard where we were going they shared a few ideas and things not to miss when visiting the rock, including “Pineapple Crush soda” like Orange Crush only Pineapple flavored.  We will be sure to give it a try.

It started to rain last night and continued, in fact we had rain all day in varying degrees. The drive and scenery changed today with the rocks and trees giving way on occasion to open fields and farms.  We noticed Highway signs to watch for horse and buggies. Later down the road we did come across a horse drawn buggy that held two bearded men wearing broad brimmed straw hats. While they appear like the Pennsylvania Amish, here in Canada they are referred to as Mennonite.

Our destination today was North Bay.  We checked into our hotel and spent some time unwinding before leaving to catch our evening “sunset” cruise.  Just before we left the clouds opened up with a deluge complete with room rocking thunder. I called the tour company and they were planning to sail so we set off.  They are only about 2 miles  from the hotel and were high and dry. Just after we sailed off the clouds opened and we saw a bit of sun, the first of the day.

The cruise sails Lake Nipissing. Lake Nipissing is one of Northern Ontario’s largest lakes. Once explored by Samuel de Champlain, it has been used for logging, minerals and transportation, and is now a legendary fishing and recreational waterway. Our ship was called the Chief Commanda II. It was named after a famous Chief who lived in the area.  I am not sure how they make any money a we were only about 20 people with a staff and crew of 6 or 8. 

Private island complete with cottage

Private island complete with cottage

The cruise lasts 2 1/2 hours sailed into Callandar Bay. Callander Bay is a bay at the extreme east of Lake Nipissing. We could see some pretty impressive homes along the shoreline. We were very fortunate tonight with the rain holding off and the break in the clouds, allowing some sun and some pretty photos as the sun was setting. We had a lovely evening and look forward to spending time in Ottawa.