Ottawa to Riviere Du Loop, Quebec August 15, 2014

I think having Brian wait in the cold while I toured Rideau Hall was a poor decision. Last night be became very ill and was up most of the night. Of course I was up with him. He eventually fell asleep and I left him as long as possible, but he heard me up and around this morning.  He insisted he felt OK.  I had toyed with going to a walk in clinic this morning and got an address for same but we opted to give the road a try.  We just started out and he felt ill but it soon passed.  As the day went on he seemed to improve so we will see how it goes.  Perhaps I am pushing him beyond his limits.

It is obvious I will have to drive most of this trip and as a result will not have photos from our car.  We are travelling on Highway 1 and we have found very few turn offs to afford “photo ops.”  Despite a rocky start we did end up with one of our typical adventures.  We have noticed our GPS likes to take time in the morning to wake up.  She likes to go around the same blocks a couple of times before getting her bearings. I am not sure but she could have been feeling a bit off as well this morning. I thought she would take us back to St Catherine’s street and back to Highway 1 or in Ontario #17. Instead she took us further south before heading east.  At some point the road split in two and we didn’t notice which way we were to go or if we got into the wrong lane.  Next thing we know we are off into the countryside and having to make a left turn, to catch the FERRY!  Who knows where we were but I would say the boon docks somewhere…don’t know if in error or GPS planned this little outing. Anyway we paid our $9 and got on board the ferry  – holds about ten cars – and off we go to the other side of the lake/river? Who knows.  We eventually got onto a freeway and seemed we were on the right path.

The roads are pretty good with less construction but the traffic from Montreal through Quebec City was “congested” to use the electronic sign description.  This was to be our longest day drive and on 4 hours sleep, it was arduous.  Quebec, unlike Ontario, has rest pull outs which we used to our advantage today. I was very happy to arrived in Riviere Du Loop in one piece today! I had put an App on my iPad that converts English to French and vise versa, but we did not need it.  It seems people in the service industry all have some level of English and for the most part, very good English.  The only person who couldn’t speak English was the Pharmacist we went to tonight, however his assistance did and both of them could not have been nicer.  I explained Brian’s symptoms and they agreed it sounded like high blood sugars.  They offered to check his levels free, but I was there to buy a blood glucose monitoring machine. As it turns out his level was fine but given he had his meds ( he missed some two days in a row) and had eaten very little today, I suspect they leveled out during the day. You never saw a happier woman when I saw his “normal” reading.

We are off to Moncton tomorrow. For the last several miles today we drove with the St Laurence River in sight off and on, with low rising mountains off in the distance. I will try to take photos on the way home when the trees should have their autumn colors.

View from our "Ferry" adventure ride this morning

View from our “Ferry” adventure ride this morning