Kenora to Jack Fish Lake (East of Terrace Bay) Ontario Aug 9 2014


Our view for much of the day

Our view for much of the day

We opted for a Tim Horton’s breakfast today. Our hotel didn’t have a complimentary breakfast so we thought we’d see what we could find down the road.  I have often regretted not getting the navigation system when I bought my car, but I knew if we were to use my car for this trip, I would need one. I got a Garmin GPS recommended by the manager at our local London Drug and so far we have been very happy with it. They are doing sewer line replacements by the marina and near our hotel and several roads are blocked. The GPS was very helpful in getting us to the hotel and onto the highway this morning.

Prior to leaving Kenora this morning we stopped at Safeway to buy some ginger ale and bottled watered. One of the suggested tips I found prior to this trip, was to bring your own pop/soda into the hotel to avoid buying them from the vending machine. It was also suggested to stick with water at meals and save the $3.00 cola cost.  I have done this since we started the trip and I believe we are saving $10 at day. This saving is very helpful considering today we paid $1.45 for a litre of gas. We stopped at the Wayfarer Restaurant in Ignace Ontario for lunch today. We felt we got a bargain at lunch.

Brian's $7 lunch

Brian’s $7 lunch

Brian had a hot beef sandwich and I got a bacon cheeseburger. The bill including tax….$14.95.

We have definitely said good bye to the prairies with the landscape now forest and rocks…mostly granite. The highways have signs everywhere warning of moose on the road. About a 1/2 mile in front of us a huge deer decided to lope across the highway.  Fortunately there was little traffic.  The traffic comes in spurts and that is for a reason. As soon as we entered Ontario we noticed a huge improvement in the road surface. The amount of road construction / reconstruction is like nothing I have ever seen.  There were times you couldn’t get up to speed when you hit another construction zone.  I lost count after 20. The Trans Canada Highway is two lane traffic with passing lanes few and far between and the posted speed is 90.

Another road construction stop! One of many today

Another road construction stop! One of many today

As a result, in the construction zones they close one lane so you sit and wait for on coming traffic then you get your turn. I figure I would hit at least once where we didn’t have to come to a full stop…never happened. When I was planning our trip I knew today would be a long haul but though we would arrive at 4 or 5 this afternoon.  It was 7 when we got to our destination.  I had not planned for the loss of an hour ( time change), the slow posted speed and the road construction.

The GSP took us around Thunder Bay so we didn’t get to see the grain terminals and only occasionally got glimpses of Lake Superior.  We finally did come to a” look out” and got a real look at this huge lake.  I stopped for a couple of photos.

Lake Superior

Lake Superior

The Highway has gravel shoulders for the most part so it is not easy to stop for photos.  I had hoped to get a photo of the sign that says “Moose on the Loose.”  We have seen  a couple of them, but each time I was driving when we came across them.

If you check a map of Highway 1 around Superior you are not going to find many major places to stop.  I have been checking Trip Advisor more often when looking for lodging and I kept coming back to this one, east of Terrace Bay. The motel is called the Coach House Motel and it’s across the Highway from Jack Fish Lake.  It’s a Mom and Dad motel but on trip advisor it had a solid 5 star rating.  I had to phone to book the room as they didn’t have internet reservation capabilities. When I knew we were running late I phoned to let them know.  I think they have two other rooms booked besides ours.

Our motel for the night Coach House Motel Terrace Bay Ontario

Our motel for the night
Coach House Motel
Terrace Bay Ontario

The hosts were waiting for us and took our dinner order so it could be ready once we put our stuff in the room. Obviously they menu is limited but it’s all homemade including the bread.  The choices were spaghetti, chili, stew and several soup choices as well as a salad. In talking to the owner she makes the food in batches and freezes it separately so when she gets an order, she would cook the spaghetti and heat the frozen sauce.  We opted for a bowl of soup and it came with a mini load of bread. Brian was able to finish his, I was not. Having sat in the car from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. I was ready to move.  I walked up the highway to the lake turnoff and strolled down to the beach. Unfortunately the mosquitoes were waiting so I didn’t dally long.  There are lots of wild flowers in bloom and some of the smells were heavenly. 
Jackfish Lake

Jackfish Lake

The owners have Hummingbird feeders and we watched them outside the window while eating our dinner.Our hotel room is a good size ( with double beds) the bathroom has been renovated with sparkling new fixtures and the room is clean and spotless. The TV is pretty old…I had to pull out the button for Brian ( I think he has forgotten how to do that.)  We have no air conditioning but have three windows that open and it’s dark and cool out there now.  The truck traffic noise may be an issue but for 1/2 the price of last night, who is complaining.

Aside from the small towns(rare) one doesn't see many buildings. Loved the look of this old church.

Aside from the small towns(rare) one doesn’t see many buildings. Loved the look of this old church.

This guy seems to be everywhere

This guy seems to be everywhere

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  1. Making good miles ! But a $1.45/litre . That’s just crazy. You will be in the center of ther universe soon, hope your french is functional. LOL. Drive safe !

  2. I put a French/English translation App on the I Pad just in case my high school French fails me. We have only one night in Quebec. I had the opportunity to tour Montreal and Quebec city years ago with someone born and raised in the area and Brian isn’t interested, so just driving through Quebec.

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